Neil A White -

Neil shares his passion and experience in photography through teaching and running workshops.

He runs various courses for beginners in digital photography which are usual in small groups.
Each course covers a diverse range of digital photography such as Understanding relationship
between ISO, F-stops & shutter speeds to composition, depth of field to RAW vs jpeg quality

His courses are practical, showing knowledge and skills in a fun and collaborative environment.
He is driven to help people take better pictures by demystifying some of the elements of photography
and making the process as simple as possible. His students come away with the necessary skills to take
better pictures, be more confident in their picture taking and feel empowered.

He can tailor make courses for groups in an organisation, offers portfolio development and
one on one sessions.

Please contact Neil to have a chat about your photography needs and for more details about the courses
and workshops he runs.

All images Neil A White 2011